Get legal stable passive income already now!

  • British investment fund
  • Investment from $100
  • from 12% profit per month
  • Daily payments
  • High referral bonuses

What is Profi Group

ProfiGroup is an British Investment Fund. The profitability of the project is ensured by the operation of an automatic trading bot that uses unique algorithms and the behavior of the foreign exchange market to generate a constant profit for its investors. Starting from 2020 year, the system makes a daily profit for investors without ever giving a negative result.

ProfiGroup perfect for:

  • For novice investors: a small entry amount;
  • For those who do not know where to invest now, so as not to burn out and be sure of a return if necessary;
  • For large investors: a guarantee of income from investments of any size;
  • For those who have people with income in their environment: a profitable referral system works.

Benefits of Profi Group

Stable profitability
Earn up to 10% of the deposit per month on a regular basis without active participation. Provide yourself with passive income in the long term.
security guarantee
Your investments are kept only in your account. Access to the account is provided to the depositor 24/7: all information about the movement of funds is online.
Uniqueness of algorithms
The trading bot is supported by a team of traders with 5+ years of experience in currency trading. All working and profitable algorithms of the market have been combined into one system to generate maximum profit from capital.
Referral system and mentoring
Recommend ProfiGroup to your relatives and partners and get a bonus from their income. Our contributors are real people available online. Working with a company will increase income tenfold compared to passive income.

Our results

26 months profitable trading
18% per month - maximum return, 12% - average
5759 active contributors without massive marketing
$1.2 million monthly account turnover
Стать инвестором

How to start earning

Registering a profile in your account.
Complete a simple registration to create a personal profile and a ProfiGroup investor account. To do this, you will need a phone and email.
Selecting a deposit and making an investment.
Select one of the available investment portfolio sizes and deposit funds into your account.
Getting access to the telegram bot and virtual assistant.
After creating a profile and making a deposit, you are automatically given access to a telegram bot where you can track your dividends. The information is sent by the bot to you daily. Also in the personal account of the site you will find a virtual assistant to the investor: an algorithm whose advice will help you increase your income.
Registering a unique promotional code for an invitation.
When you are personally convinced of the profitability of ProfiGroup, create your own unique promotional code in your personal account and send it to your partners who are looking for a reliable way of passive income. Get a percentage of the income of each of the investors who register using your promo code.

Investment portfolios

Test Portfolio
For investors with little capital to invest.
Your income
$12 to $550 per month
Standard Portfolio
For investors who want to experience the deal.
Your income
$60 to $550 per month
Premium Portfolio
For investors with good financial potential.
Your income
$120 to $550 per month
VIP Briefcase
For investors who know about ProfiGroup from personal experience or from partners.
Your income
$600 to $6000 per month
*The income percentage is calculated taking into account the fact that the contributor regularly withdraws it from the system. If the income is left in the deposit, the % will increase in direct proportion to the growth of the deposit.

Referral system

ProfiGroup allows investors to attract partners and receive a bonus from their monthly income. The referral system is multi-level and allows you to earn not only from the partner’s investments, but also from the investors attracted by him.

Frequently asked questions

When can I withdraw my investment?

Invested funds are frozen for three months. After 3 months, the investor has the opportunity to withdraw funds at a commission of 20% of the investment amount. Application processing time is up to 30 working days. After 12 months from the date of investment, the body of the investment can be withdrawn without any commission within 5 days. If an application for withdrawal of funds from the public pool was not submitted within 5 days after 12 months of operation, the funds are automatically returned to work and frozen again for 3 months.

How is the investment made: in what currency, from which payment systems?

You can invest in cryptocurrency or fiat currencies.

How are dividends withdrawn? What methods and payment systems are supported?

Public pool interest calculation. Interest is calculated every day at 00.00. Interest withdrawal is available at any time. The minimum withdrawal amount is $25. Application processing time is up to three business days.

Can I advertise ProfiGroup on my behalf on the Internet?
Are there materials about the project to provide to partners?

Yes, you can advertise Profi Group on your behalf. The company provides promotional materials.

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